Topotheque Valle Vitulanese – FAGUS. Territori in crescita

The Topotheque creates a unique opportunity of safeguarding not always easily accessible historic documents for the public. It contributes to building regional and historic identities of communities and their population

View of the Vitulano valley

View of the Vitulano valley


The Valle Vitulanese. Fagus Territori in crescita Topotheque

The Vitulanese valley is surmounted by the Apennine peaks of the Taburno – Camposauro massif near Benevento, in the south of Italy. 

The idea to create of a Topotheque of the Vitulanese valley was born from a previous collaboration between UNINA and the City of Vitulano to integrate the charters of the S. Maria della Grotta Abbey  on Monasterium portal. In addition, A. Ambrosio (UNINA, Department of Humanities) was awarded honorary citizenship for his research of value and this close cooperation has developed a desire to explore and experience the story in public practice further.
More details on the S. Maria Della Grotta project here

The creation of this topotheque has been promoted by UNINA, as part of the  co:op – community as opportunity. The Creative archive’s and User’s Network project and, in particular, within the work package 3 “Topotheque” to support the dissemination of culture, memory and history, through the active involvement of local communities, using digital technologies.

In Vitulano, the small town from which the valley take its name, in the 2016 born FAGUS. Territori in crescita a cultural non profit organization, which aims promote and implement educational and recreational activities for the promotion and the enhancement of the natural, historical and cultural traditions of the Vitulanese Valley.

Thanks to collaboration background, Unina has proposed to FAGUS to create and manage a Topotheque implemented by the Vitulano community and so it was born the Valle Vitulanese – Fagus Topotheque.

Open Day
Da Vitulano all’Europa.
Immagini di un territorio e delle famiglie sul portale Topotheque

To inaugurate the Topotheque and  to invite citizenship to actively participate in the project, on 2016 June 25th, it was held in Vitulano an Open Day titled “Da Vitulano all’Europa. Immagini di un territorio e delle famiglie sul portale Topotheque”. In this occasion The FAGUS joined in co:op project as associated partner.
In this date was born officially the topoteca of Fagus, which aims to tell the story of the country’s territory, the valley and the communities that inhabit them, through photographic sources present in public and private archives of the Community.
Within the “Open Day”, UNINA organized a Bring your history day with a laboratory to demonstrate the upload procedure of digital documents on the online Topotheque platform and a seminar titled Il portale Topotheque. Un approccio digitale allo studio del paesaggio to elaborate on the potential that lies within the Topotheque portal.

Have a look at the Chronicle of the Open Day

   2. The Seminar_the speakers

And here the video of our Bring-Your-History-Day!


Next steps!

After the Open Day Event, on 2016 September 23th  there was an operational meeting, held in Naples at UNINA. The discussion focused on the future activities to enhance the knowledge of the landscape heritage of the community of the Vitulanese Valley.


The Topotheque Fagus project will include all Vitulanesi and the inhabitants of the valley, those who still live in the area, those who have migrated to other regions of Italy and the world. The sources and the data that will accompany them are the result of the oral testimony of Vitulanesi.
The FAGUS  will be solely responsible for the data in topoteca.

Have a look at FAGUS topotheque!


4. Laying of the poles of the electric light

Laying of the poles of the electric light. Year 1956

Assuntina De Pietto, Palazzo Pedicini. Via Tammari

Assuntina De Pietto, Palazzo Pedicini. Via Tammari