The main objective is the reinforcement and the increase of this network which promotes the digitisation, the description, the study and the availability online (in large scale portals) of documentary sources as part of European cultural heritage. As part of the Digital Humanities the project constitutes an avant-garde in Italy in the field of palaeography and diplomatics.

The UNINA group is active in different fields:

– creation of digital archives and digital scholarly editions for Monasterium.Net, coordinated for Italy by Antonella Ambrosio;

– creation of ‘digital archives’ for Topothek, coordinated in Italy by Antonella Ambrosio;

– coordination of the university members of ICARUS (International Center for Archival Research) in realising scientific projects aiming at the experimentation of digital collaborative tools (MOM-CA tool) for historical documents in research as well as in education (target: students, neo-graduates and young researchers);

– realisation of studies, also in collaboration with pedagogists and computer scientists, focused on innovative educational activities with an intense use of new technologies;

– promotion of international conferences, national workshops and study encounters within the project’s aims.

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