Historical sources are not only invaluable for historiography; they have also been instrumental for the construction of collective cultural memories and subsequently of national identities all over Europe.

Our project aims at establishing a sustainable and permanent, institutionalized network which unites the capacities of an audience and institutions. By encouraging active involvement in and awareness of our shared history, undeniably marginalized historic content and witnesses can be brought into light, i.e. private collections, and feed into the public perception of their historiography. Furthermore, the connection between archival institutions and the populace through means of creative media will enable innovative and inspiring approaches towards archival material and open up new perspectives on our history and our future.

Based on this philosophy our project has the following main objectives:

– Professional training of future generations of experts in the archival work field in view of internationalised careers and within the intersection of traditional archival work fields and the Information Technology sector

– Mobility of experts and lay persons

– The strengthening of mutually beneficial team work between archival institutions and academic institutions such as universities and schools

– The bridging and equalization of institutions and their users on national and local levels as well as on an international level by using and further advancing internationally accessible infrastructures fostering cooperation between said parties

– The provision of cultural content to an international audience and thereby increase public proximity and international understanding between people.