Organised within the co:op activities the MOMathon is an online event in which all people interested in historical documents help to enhance the Monasterium portal database; it is a community driven activity drawing the public user communities’ attention towards the innovations of research possibilities manifested in the Monasterium portal. Within the time frame of a MOMathon (could be day, a week or even a month), “edits” on documents on the Monasterium portal will be reported to a moderator and the editors with the highest “score” will come out as the winner of the MOMathon!

UNINA-Momathons events

Within the MOMathon initiative, UNINA organize at university some specific marathons to encourage the students of the Palaeography and Diplomatics courses to enhance the database of our common portal Monasterium.Net


Events calendar

30 november 2017, University of Naples Federico II, Naples (Italy)




15 november 2016, University of Naples Federico II, Naples (Italy)