President: Maria Rosaria Falcone


In July 2019 the Icarus Italian association was eastabilished, after an intensive cooperation with the Icarus- international Centre for Archival Reasearch – association and community and after accepting all the ideas of international cooperation and digitalization.

It has this pruposes:

• Enhance cultural heritage
• Organize, manage and promote new projects through inter-institutional and international collaboration;
• University and post-university Education;
• Support scientific research;
• Intensify the cooperation with the Icarus network

Icarus Italia’s activities promotes and organises:
debates, seminars, workshops and training courses, formation of group work and research; conferences; sharing publication of studies and research; publication of digital content on international web platforms for the management of historical sources (Monasterium.Net; Topothek.eu); it carries out  workshops to retrive the historical memory of the community; production of videos, audiovisual and photographic stuff and virtual and physical exhibitions.