At the Department of Humanities we are engaged since 2008 in innovative educational activities with a focus on palaeography, diplomatics and archival sciences, employing digital technologies and in particular the platforms Monasterium.Net and Topotheque.

Each year these activities consist of academic courses and seminars as well as traineeships and mobility grants and are aimed mainly at Italian students and neo-graduates. They benefit from the presence of two tutors, PhD’s and coworkers at the Department (Maria Rosaria Falcone, Vera Schwarz-Ricci).

The teaching is also fuelled by research activities designed to develop new and better training initiatives. In the past we collaborated with educational specialists (Prof. Maura Striano and her interdisciplinarian research team), with the Icarus MOM-Ca Technical group (coordinated by Georg Vogeler and composed of researchers and computer scientists located at the universities of Graz and Cologne, including Manfred Thaller) and with the Icarus Didactics group with 37 members from 15 European countries, for the most part university teachers in history, palaeography and archival sciences. The achievements of the research and of the innovative courses held in Naples were presented at a number of national and international congresses and seminars and spread in several natinal and international publications.

Within the co:op project we continue to organize these activities.

Have a look at the photos of one our courses here.