Adventures in Archives

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…imagine a group of young students let loose behind the walls of archival institutions, spotting the hidden treasures of historical material, learning about the various occupational areas in an archive and eventually discovering how our cultural identities have evolved and their witnesses are being safe-guarded for the future…
Imagine the realization, thanks to the direct involvement of the students, of a short film on this experience, well, these are our Adventures in Archives!


The collaboration between UNINA-DSU and Il Cartastorie / Museo dell’Archivio storico del Banco di Napoli

Within the network expansion activities as part of the co:op project, since the year 2016 UNINA-DSU has started a dialogue with the bodies who operate on the territory of Naples city and Campania region: archives, cultural centres, associations, public and private institutions. The purpose of these relationships consists in creating network for the promotion and the enhancement of the cultural heritage, especially the archival one.
In this perspective arises the collaboration with the Banco di Napoli Foundation (sigled by a Memorandum of Understanding) and with IlCartastorie Museum, who joined co:op project as associated partner.

 The Adventures in Archives project

UNINA-DSU and IlCartaStorie Museum in the spring 2017 started their collaboration within the co:op project – Adventures in Archives. The partnership based on the sharing of some common objectives.

On one side, UNINA, as University, has a natural vocation for teaching and learning activities and for some years the academic courses of Archival Sciences, Palaeography and Diplomatics have been carried out with the involvement of students in creative educational activities. On the other side, IlCartaStorie Museum works to promote the documentation of Historical Archive of the Banco di Napoli, through the creative and educational activities addressed to the general public and to the schools.

The results of this partnership will lead, according to the co:op goals, to the production of five short movies. The project implementation aims to involve students from the primary school to the university!

Now, have a look at our movies!